Rural families know the importance of maintaining a healthy septic system. The water that leaches out of the septic field eventually makes its way back into the water supply that feeds the wells from which you and your neighbors drink.

When protecting your septic system from contaminating your water supply, one of the easiest choices is to install a simple tablet chlorination system. Tablet chlorination is generally very safe and easy to use, as well as highly economical. Chlorination tablet feeders are easy to use with any septic system -- they have no moving parts and don't require electricity.

Simply refill your tablet feeder once every few weeks or months with a few chlorination tablets and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with good septic system disinfection.

In some locations, you may be required to dechlorinate the water as well. No worry -- simply add a tablet feeder and use dechlorination tablets instead. It's all very simple and reliable, because the tablets are chemically formulated to dissolve at the rate they are used. This means the chlorine won't be used when your septic system isn't flowing, and that you will still get the proper amount of disinfection when your septic flows are higher than usual.

Always consult your local regulations before changing your septic system. We have lots of information available through our ever-growing knowledge base, and you can always order chlorination tablets and tablet feeders in our online store. We look forward to serving you.

last revised 10.19.2005