Manure Lagoon Spills Millions of Gallons of Manure into River
The spill is headed for Lake Ontario. Anyone interested in a synthetic lagoon liner to prevent spills?

Rapidly-Growing Sioux Falls to Get Larger Share of Lewis and Clark Pipeline Water

Water Security Concerns Reach Small Towns
Vandals break into water tower in small Iowa town

High Temperatures Lead to Water Main Breaks
High temperatures mean higher flows. Pressure tends to increase as well, and old cast iron pipe breaks. Combination air release valves can help.

Researcher Thinks Water Shortages Will Make Sorghum a Popular Crop
Sorghum uses significantly less water than corn and soybeans. The problem is figuring out what to do with it.

Drought Goes on in Much of Nebraska
Continued high demand is making water more expensive, and it's not helping overall water quality. The drought in the western Plains is causing some nasty interstate fights over access to water and forcing groups like American Indian tribes to make long-range plans for water use. The drought makes major rivers run dry.

last revised 11.21.2005