X-ray vision for pump users
February 16, 2012

We often tell people that having a good set of suction and discharge gauges for a pump is the best way to "see inside" the system and to diagnose what's happening if anything is going wrong. That's because it's impossible to literally see inside a working pump -- unless you happen to be in a pump school with a Gorman-Rupp glass-faced pump.

The Gorman-Rupp glass-faced pump The glass-faced pump is an educational tool without equal. With it, we can demonstrate a range of important principles in pump operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting -- including NPSH, air entrainment, self-priming action, cavitation, air binding, entrance velocity, and diagnosis using gauges. Gorman-Rupp pump schools using the glass-faced pump are available throughout our territory (Iowa and Nebraska) and all over the United States. Operators and engineers alike can learn as much from an hour-long or two-hour pump demonstration than they'll learn from days in a lecture hall or poring over textbooks. Invite us or your local Gorman-Rupp representatives to teach a pump school for you.

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