D.J. Gongol and Associates, Inc. are manufacturer's representatives for Golden Harvest, manufacturers of a wide range of gates for water control. We are one of the nation's top representatives for water-control equipment, including considerable experience with slide gates and weir gates.

Tilting weir gates are an unusual but very helpful option for certain types of flow control. They act much like conventional weir gates (often known as downward-opening slide gates), but instead of opening through a downward motion into the channel, tilting weir gates rotate on a horizontal axis, much like a common window blind. The operator, mounted above the water channel, is a horizontal cylinder, much like the anchor winch on a boat. The operator is rotated to take in or let out the controlling cable, which in turn moves the gate disc to either the horizontal position (to let water flow through) or to a vertical position (to stop the water from flowing).

Obviously, a gate like this needs some special engineering attention. If you need a tilting weir gate, please use our quote request form for tilting weir gates and we'll be happy to help.

We also represent makers of butterfly valves, flap gates, mud valves, shear gates, telescoping valves, and drainage gates. Return to our main gates page for more information on those and other water-control products.

last revised October 2008