How to monitor air pollution from cars and trucks
November 29, 2010

When springtime rolls around, you may notice a bump in gasoline prices, which is the result of the change from winter to summer blends. Those blends are created to enhance air quality by reducing particular types of emissions. Air quality is a topic of concern across much of the country, particularly in the summer months when weather patterns can trap gases and pollutants close to large population centers. We are pleased to be able to offer ambient air-quality monitors for use in measuring a wide range of pollutants, from carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide to ozone and VOC's.

These monitors are not only useful for tracking pollutants near sources like freeways and factories, but also for ensuring that air quality around wastewater treatment plants remains safe and healthy for nearby residents. They can also be used by large cattle-feeding operations to ensure the quality of the air for neighbors. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.

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