Noticing green lakes around you?
June 11, 2012

Anyone traveling on Interstate 35 between Des Moines and the Twin Cities passes over Lake Albert Lea in southern Minnesota. It's a reasonably large lake -- large enough for recreational uses like boating and swimming. Right now, it's also green. That's because it's having a green algae bloom, thanks to a combination of warm weather and nutrient runoff. Lots of lakes have this problem all over the Midwest, especially because we have so much runoff of fertilizer from farm fields and residential lawns. The fertilizer feeds the algae, which proceed to take off and grow rapidly. Some communities try to manage algae with chemicals, but algae can also be fought off with a combination of aeration and mixing.

We have those aerators and mixers available -- and at very affordable prices. Contact us and let us know the scale of your algae problem, and we'll help you find a low-cost (and potentially visually attractive) solution.

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