Pump stations, meat-packing plants, factories, water and wastewater plants, and many other facilities often have equipment located in dangerous or hazardous environments. When human health and safety can be put at risk due to toxic gases or chemicals, or even when a facility might be safe but difficult for people to enter, there's no longer any reason to put people at risk.

Recon Robotics has developed a simple and durable method for performing visual inspections of these hazardous, dangerous, or even cramped workspaces with the COTS-M robot. The COTS-M is an extremely durable two-wheel, self-stabilizing robot mounted with a live video camera feed that can be viewed from the convenient operator control unit. Anyone who can use a video-game controller can operate the COTS-M.

Robot package The Industrial Inspection Robot package from Recon Robotics includes the following:
  • robot
  • operator control unit
  • dual-output battery charger (standard charge time of one hour)
  • heavy-duty pelican-style carryingcase
The robot has an approximate range of 100' indoors or 250' outdoors, with a battery life of about an hour, giving the operator both the time and flexibility to inspect virtually every hazardous location in a medium-sized facility.

This system is designed to survive tough service, including long-distance throws and falls onto concrete. And with a price tag under $7,000, it's an affordable way to keep employees and inspection workers safe. Order an industrial inspection robot from our online store.

last revised 10.3.2006